Public relations campaigns

As former journalists, we know how to develop comprehensive strategies for reaching the media. We find story angles that interest writers and broadcasters, then create compelling press kits and press releases that present your story. We design a visual layout with embedded images, so journalists can easily see not only the story, but the available images. We then distribute your release to a customized list of journalists representing targeted publications, websites and broadcast media. But it doesn’t end there. Follow-up is critical, so we contact top journalists to discuss story options, and answer questions about your story.

Advertising program development

We evaluate the best media outlets for presenting your message to the target audience, and work closely with the newspaper, magazine, online outlet, radio station or TV station to ensure a smooth roll out. We also design and produce all advertising content, including print and online ads, radio spots, TV commercials, mailers, fliers, and more.

Social media

This is where you connect with people one on one, while becoming part of a community. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are just a few social media channels that can be effective at engaging an audience and promoting a product or service. Blogs and vlogs (the video version) also are searchable on the Internet, and can position your company as a thought leader in its field.

Content creation

Wolf Communications writes powerful copy for websites, newsletters, brochures, and other marketing materials.

Video production

There’s simply no better way to engage an audience on websites and social media channels than video. Whether they’re high-end productions for multi-billion dollar, international companies, or captivating video blogs that are a cut above, we pride ourselves on the quality and “bang for the buck” of our videos.

Community outreach

Whether the community is an organization, group of neighborhoods, or an entire city, we know how to engage our clients’ stakeholders.

Branding analysis

But first, we make sure you’re telling the right story. We typically start with a branding analysis. It’s been said that branding is what people say about you when you’re not around. If you’re lucky enough to occupy space in someone’s mind, what is it? What has either your marketing or outside influences caused someone to think when they hear your name? The free association game would have most people saying “safe,” when you say “Volvo.” Or “reliable” when you say “Maytag.” Or dependable overnight delivery when you say FedEx. We’ll help determine what branding is right for your business.